We only have one planet. Here at Clearmark, we believe it is up to all of us to do our best to minimise the environmental footprint we leave behind.

We are continually reviewing processes and strategies to reduce the overall impact the business has on the environment. There are many big and small changes we; have, can and are planning to make. We recognise this is an ongoing process that can't be solved overnight but we are committed to continuing doing all we can.

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Low Carbon Business Network

We are a part of the D2N2 Low Carbon Business Network, an organisation which helps businesses of all sizes to learn more about embracing the shift towards a low carbon economy.

Driving Down CO2

Gradually upgrading company cars to hybrid and electric vehicles in order to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 output.

-ChargePoint+ Electric car charging

-ChargePoint+ electric car charging points installed at Olympic House HQ building with plans in place to install further e-car charging points at our secondary building Apollo House. This installation makes it even easier for staff to charge their cars whilst in the office free of charge.

Utilising technology for Efficient team deployment

For several years now we have utilised Coresuite fleet management software. This helps to reduce our carbon output by showing the location of each engineer's vehicle in real-time. Meaning our job scheduler can allocate jobs quickly based on engineers' proximity to the site. Thus, saving time, distance travelled, and fuel consumption.

Waste Not Want Not

Manufacturing and building waste are areas high on the priority list. We recycle all that we can at our head office buildings in Nottingham, from scrap metal, cardboard and paper, to plastics and more.

Personalised Water bottles

Each staff member has a personalised re-usable water bottle and is encouraged to use these over disposable cups typically supplied with water decanters.

Cardboard Baler

By investing in a cardboard baler we have reduced the number of recycling pickups required


Energy Efficiency

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Energy use across both buildings is the next big project in planning and Clearmark will be investing in renewable energy and installing solar panels, starting with Apollo House in the near future. Olympic House will also see an upgrade on the air source heating systems to make it more efficient and economical to use – keeping the staff comfortable and happy, ensuring its warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer.

Smaller but equally worthwhile changes are already realising benefit including highly efficient LED lighting across both buildings, sensor lighting and insulation.

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