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Vector Pallet Labeller

The Vector pallet labeller brings to the marketplace a new high performance, low maintenance tertiary option, completing Clearmark's coding portfolio, enabling customers to benefit from joined-up coding solutions across their primary, secondary and tertiary operations.

Introducing the Vector Pallet Labeller

Powered by proven ICE Vulcan Print and Apply technology, the Vector is designed for those looking to automate a pallet labelling process, from food, beverage and pharmaceutical factories to supply chain and logistics operations. The Vector provides maximum label visibility and product traceability printing on A5 labels set to a GS1 compliant specification. With the Vector, you will be able to apply labels on either side of the pallet, including front and rear with a single pallet stop at up to 100 pallets per hour*. It features barcode scanning, shutter and optional heater for atmospheric containment, ideal for challenging environments.

*With a 180 degree pivoting applicator with up to 650mm reach

Automated Pallet Labelling

Vector package labeller
GS1 compliant application with no missed pallets

The Vector can perform up to four label applications per pallet, with two adjacent sides to conform to GS1 specifications for SSCC pallet labelling or three sides for customer specific applications.

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Engineered to excel in challenging environments

The Vector is a fully enclosed system with a climate controlled cabin to ensure optimum conditions within the enclosure, as well as print engine guards and dust protection to ensure consistent print quality. It is capable of printing at up to three times faster than rival print engines and thanks to Intelligent Motion™ technology, which enables precise automatic control of the labels and ribbon feed - this translates to the removal of 80% of wear parts compared to traditional pallet labellers.

Designed for the highly automated and connected factory

The Vector's intelligent I/O system allows for seamless integration with factory Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and works with an extensive range of onboard data-protocols, including Zebra and SATO.

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Compatible with CLARiSUITE

CLARiSUITE™ is a suite of software products that work together for the purpose of designing, managing and distributing data to be printed by the ICE and Zebra range of coders and labellers, as well as for monitoring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

It combines the networking capability of CLARiNET, linking 99 printers for a factory-wide real-time data source, with simple drag and drop label CLARiSOFT design software, presented on an operator-friendly CLARiTY touchscreen interface.

The Benefits

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Maximum label visibility and product traceability printing

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Side, front and rear label application

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Fully enclosed system with a climate controlled cabin to ensure optimum conditions within the enclosure

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Label supply reel automatically adjusts and maintains tension

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Printhead pressure electronically regulated for optimum print quality

Matched labels & ribbon

Order labels and ribbons based on planned production to keep the Vector pallet labeller running and running.

Make an enquiry

Clearmark can custom make a solution for your business, harnessing the power of proven ICE technology with expert design, manufacturing and integration for your specific needs.

Enquire today about the Vector pallet labeller.

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