Do you offer maintenance support/scheduled servicing?

15th September, 2020

Yes, we do!

We offer Preventative Maintenance Service contracts which provide scheduled maintenance days to help prevent downtime and ensure coders are working at optimum efficiency.

We recommend that each coder on-site is serviced a minimum of twice per annum. The length of each visit depends on how many coders the customer has on-site – Engineers can service up to 6 coders in 1 day.

The average contract includes 2 x 1-day visits to be scheduled within a 12 month period (if 6 or fewer coders on-site). A 10% discount is applied to our standard day rate.

If you would like to book maintenance support/scheduled servicing or have any questions, please contact our Aftercare team by email at or call on 01159 640 144.

When you contact us, please confirm the following:

– Is this an urgent requirement? I.e. Do you have you got a machine down currently?
– Do you require a one-off service or an annual service schedule?
– How many coders have you got on-site and what type of coder(s) do you have? Ie Vulcan, TIJ, Zodiac, Hawk or x3 Hawk and 1x Vulcan.
– Would you require weekend support?