My coder is broken. Help!

15th September, 2020

If you have an issue with your coder, please send an email to

You may also call us on 01159 640 144.

Please provide the following details when you contact us so we can best help you:

  • Is your production line down due to the coder issue?
  • Do you have an issue with an ICE coder? If yes, what is the serial number of your coder?
  • Do you have a Preventative Maintenance Service Contract (PMSC)?
  • What is your machine type? E.g., Zodiac, Torus, Viper, Hawk or Vulcan?
  • Do you have an error code or description? If yes, please quote the error code or description.
  • Is your coder issue due to a damaged/broken part?
  • Please provide your contact information and address (including the postcode) where the coder is installed.