Clearmark launches revolutionary ICE Print and Apply Labeller

6th June, 2014

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Coding specialist Clearmark Solutions (Interactive Coding Equipment - ICE) is launching a major breakthrough and significant advance in print and apply labelling technology, offering print speeds up to three times faster than traditional machines.

The new ICE Vulcan print and apply labeller is the first of its type to print and directly apply the label to a pack – both traded unit boxes and shrinkwrap packs – in one continuous action without the need for a tamp applicator or compressed air. This means the machine can print at the speed of the line, even when packs are very closely spaced, without ever missing a pack.

Key to the success of the Vulcan is its Intelligent Motion™ drive system, which has eliminated the friction drive operation found in other printer applicator technology. This delivers faster and more accurate labelling with no creasing or label dropping and no chance for labels to become trapped in the system. There are also fewer moving parts, which makes the system more reliable.

The Vulcan incorporates a ‘solid-state’ printhead mechanism – a unique feature for thermal label printers – which allows the force on the printhead to be controlled electronically with great accuracy, for enhanced performance and print quality and extended head life. The print head can also be removed and replaced in less than a minute for fast changeovers.

Another feature unique to print and apply labellers is the Vulcan’s solid-state ribbon drive which combines high performance and reliability with zero maintenance.

Like all ICE equipment, the Vulcan uses the company’s CLARiTY intelligent and intuitive interface, which offers ease of set-up and operation and simple integration into factory systems.

The machine’s compact dimensions mean it can fit easily into existing packing lines. It can be positioned to print on any side of a pack and also produce wraparound labels on two sides. Label sizes up to 110mm x 250mm can be accommodated and the machine can print all types of codes, including 2D bar codes, as well as intricate graphics.

“We believe the arrival of the Vulcan has introduced a new era for printer applicator technology, one where labelling is no longer the slowest part of the packing line,” comments ICE director Chris Simpson.
“The benefits of this machine can be seen not just in day-to-day operations but, equally important, on the bottom line, with a fast payback on investment.”

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About Interactive Coding Equipment

Established in 2001, Clearmark Solutions (Interactive Coding Equipment - ICE) has become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of digital coding solutions to a wide variety of end markets including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, printing and DIY. From an initial staff of 3, today the company employs 65 people at its purpose-designed headquarters in Nottinghamshire.

Clearmark has a strong reputation for innovation in a variety of coding and marking technologies including thermal transfer, thermal inkjet, large character marking and print & apply labelling, and this is supported by comprehensive after-sales service and support. The company has an installed base of over 7,000 machines in more than 1,000 customers.

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