Lincoln & York: Replacing Legacy Coders for Reliability, Uptime and Flexibility Boost

22nd July, 2020
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Lincoln & York Ltd is one of the UK’s largest coffee roasting companies – sourcing, roasting and packing coffee for companies in the out of home, distributor and specialist retail markets across the UK and Europe. A privately-owned business with 25 years experience and a team of over 70 staff, Lincoln & York operate from a British Retail Consortium (BRC) AA grade accredited coffee roastery based close to Brigg, North Lincolnshire. Each day, they roast enough coffee to make 1,500,000 cups worldwide.

The Need

As a result of rapid growth and the nature of the business, Lincoln & York was looking to replace its ageing coding equipment with a more reliable and flexible solution capable of increasing uptime and delivering higher quality prints.

After seeing legacy equipment in action, Clearmark identified that they also required software that had the capability of creating and editing labels as quickly and efficiently as possible, in order to reduce human error and changeover time between batches.

As Lincoln & York work with a range of suppliers and retailers, ICE thermal transfer technology combined with CLARiSOFT™ label design software would enable greater flexibility, a reduction in human error and less changeover time between batches.

The Solution

Clearmark identified that by replacing all existing equipment from another supplier across 12 lines with ICE Zodiac thermal transfer overprinters, would allow codes to be printed more efficiently across a range of flexible substrates in a variety of colours at the various throughputs required.

Installation was simple and trouble-free, a result of Clearmark’s investment in growing an experienced in-house design and field based team, and a reflection of the company’s belief in driving excellence through quality solutions and support.

“The Clearmark team is much more reliable than our previous supplier and they’re always only a phone call away if we have any issues, helping us to get back up and running as quickly as possible.” – Marc Rockall, Engineering Manager at Lincoln & York.

With an intuitive error-proof operator touchscreen supplied with every ICE machine, operator training was simple and easy, causing minimum disruption to production. Lincoln & York also provided two of its operators with comprehensive one-to-one ICE product training, held at Clearmark’s training facility in Nottingham.

The Benefits

The ICE Zodiac thermal transfer printers provide a considerable improvement over the legacy equipment, which was beginning to have a considerable impact on uptime.

The Clearmark solution installed on site has been specifically designed to ensure that the factory is able to meet current and future supplier demand without any risk to reliability or print quality.

The CLARiSOFT™ labelling software installed on each line allows operators to quickly create and edit label designs for a growing range of customers and its built-in label error prevention feature provides added assurance, helping to reduce waste.

The ICE coders are also flexible enough to print dates in any format or size, and in any Windows TrueType font. Their class-leading ribbon capacity means less downtime for ribbon changeovers, reducing waste and increasing production efficiency by up to 25%.

“It is essential that we are able to change our label designs as quickly as possible to meet growing supplier requirements, the ICE Zodiacs allow us to do this efficiently without having any impact on production.” – Marc Rockall, Engineering Manager at Lincoln & York.

The Future

As a result of the responsive support provided and ongoing efficiency, compatibility and reliability of existing ICE equipment. Lincoln & York will look to expand its range of ICE technology as they continue to grow.

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