Hawk TTO UK checks its own print in real time

The ICE Zodiac Hawk with iAssure

Why pay more?

Why choose a TTO printer which requires a bolt on print checking system when you can have one that already has it integrated?

Our Zodiac Hawk is the leading 53mm thermal transfer overprinter with proven reliability, flexibility, and accuracy with built-in iAssure print checking software. Our industry leading 1200mm ribbon also reduces downtime and boosts OEE.

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The ICE Zodiac Hawk gives you everything you’re looking for in one easy-to-integrate printer unit. From the most essential features such as high speed, enhanced quality prints to its airless design and built-in print checking as standard.

No add-ons, bolt-ons, bells or whistles – everything you need built directly into the printer, coupled with responsive customer-backed support and a steady stream of next day consumables shipped from our UK warehouse.

See how it works below. 👇