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Available For: Thermal Transfer | Labellers | Zodiac Range | Vulcan | Zebra

Our range of ribbons have been designed to meet current market demands and are proven to deliver enhanced performance, durability and speed across the most challenging applications. The ribbon is available to order on its own or as part of a package based on planned production to reduce shipments and carbon footprint. All our standard ribbons are available from stock for next day delivery, offering you a responsive service to maintain production uptime.


Why choose our ribbon?

Our ribbon is designed to achieve peak performance and high print quality in the modern factory

All ribbons include backcoat technology as standard to protect the printhead as it passes over the ribbon and to extend printhead life.

The quality materials used increases print efficiency, minimises ribbon breaks, and delivers crisp prints that never smudge. Whilst the industry-leading 1,200 metre ribbon length reduces consumable changeover and the associated downtime.

Our ribbons are matched to each application and extensively tested using our in-house Print Lab and expertise to ensure they meet your unique coding and labelling requirements.

Ribbon Range

Our wide range of ribbons, from wax-based to resin-based ensures we have the perfect solution for your specific substrate requirements, guaranteeing high-quality, dependable output.


CM500+ has been developed to optimise the performance of the market leading Zodiac range. This thermal transfer overprint ribbon demonstrates significant advances in efficiency, speed and durability, raising the standard for coding throughout the industry.

  • Improved Efficiency - through longer length 1,200m ribbon resulting in 20% fewer ribbon changes and breaks in production compared to the industry average.
  • Increased Speed - enabling increased production throughput speeds by up to 33%, optimising efficiency and maximising performance.
  • Enhanced Durability - improving resistance to abrasion, UV light, and temperature extremes meaning reduced wastage and higher product quality.