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CLARiTY Operator Touchscreen

The CLARiTY operator touchscreen controller comes as standard with ICE coders and offers a high-resolution, colour user interface that is simple and intuitive to use. It can display multiple languages, has parent/child functionality to control multiple printers from one screen and a USB scanpoint feature to allow job selection via barcode scanner, eliminating operator intervention and human error - perfect for the modern factory environment.

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CLARiTY offers a simple operator interface with comprehensive capabilities and functionality, including iAssure™ code checking technology for the next generation Zodiac range. The coding operator system has a unique date collection manager to configure offset dates, avoidance date rules and controlled concessions. It has compatibility with current and future software due to its patented generic file structure to ensure it works collaboratively in your operation, now and in the future.

The software also analyses live performance data, with on-board diagnostics which identifies faults and presents the operator solutions to the faults in real time. All of this whilst the Graphical User Interface (GUI) utilises icon-based controls, WYSIWYG image display and colour touchscreen to ensure an easy, intuitive experience for the operator.

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iAssure™ is a built-in, real time sensor that takes a picture of each TTO code and checks code quality and presence, available for the ICE Zodiac Hawk and Falcon. CLARiTY is the go between that transforms the revolutionary, cutting-edge technology of iAssure™, into simple, actionable information for the controller, reducing waste and rework.

It measures your production quality and presents the information as a percentage on the home screen for a snapshot view of current line performance.

iAssure™ is capable of detecting major commonly occurring TTO print defects without any need for operator setup such as:

How does CLARiTY works?

Using the CLARiTY colour LCD touchscreen controller on your packaging line, user configurable pre-defined drop-down fields can be set up to limit operator intervention and minimise risk of errors with variable information such as sell-by dates, traceability codes, product variety and country of origin.

Using a hand scanner, a barcode can be scanned from a work order or from the product itself to make job selection and set up effortless.

With multiple ICE coders on your packaging line, a parent/child set up allows control for multiple printers from a single screen.

CLARiTY gives the operator visibility to identify the ribbon usage and the predicted replacement time to assist with planning changeover and reducing downtime.

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Installation flexibility

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The CLARiTY operator touchscreen controller can be situated close to the ICE coder and can tilt or rotate positions to install cables from above or below to aid integration into your production line, thanks to our flexible screen mounting bracketry.

The new generation of Zodiac printers has the modular flexibility to separate the CLARiTY Graphic User Interface (GUI) from the Power Supply Unit (PSU), thus giving a range of install options to suit the requirements of your specific production line. This combined with the small footprint of the Zodiac printers means installation can be seamlessly integrated within the parent machine system for ease of operator use and streamlined production.

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Icon / Close Created with Sketch. On-board diagnostics and operator friendly videos for quick easy fixes

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