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The ICE Vulcan is the class-leading Print and Apply labelling machine designed to meet the needs of the modern packaging industry. It represents a leap forward in technological innovation offering unparalleled labelling features, combined with the simplicity and reliability that ICE printers are renowned for. The Vulcan has the ability to label on any surface at speeds of up to 150 packs per minute and can be seamlessly integrated into your production line thanks to our award-winning design team, guaranteeing a bespoke solution that works for your business.

An intuitive LPA with extraordinary features

The ICE Vulcan is a revolutionary, Print and Apply Labelling (LPA) machine that transports the industry forward decades. Featuring Intelligent Motion™ technology, enabling precise automatic control of components, whilst removing 80% of wear parts that traditionally caused unexpected downtime and cost. The ICE Vulcan prints three times faster than traditional applicators using a solid-state printhead mechanism and no compressed air, it never misses a pack no matter the pack spacing, for a rapid ROI. Despite the technical features, the ICE Vulcan remains easy-to-use with the intuitive CLARiTY™ operating system and a simple web path facilitating label and ribbon changeover in under a minute.

Application types

Direct apply labelling

Direct apply is a unique on-demand labelling method that allows accurate label placement without the need for an applicator, ensuring it uses no expensive compressed air. This method enables the Vulcan to reach speeds of up to 150 PPM without ever missing a pack and is ideal for a wide range of applications and industries.

Corner wrap labelling

Perfect for companies that require a single label to be applied across adjacent panels of a case or shrink-wrapped product, allowing the label to be seen from two directions. The label is applied to the trailing corner of a target product using the Direct Apply printing method, unique to the Vulcan Print and Apply Labeller.

Front of pack labelling

Ideally suited for cases or shrink-wrapped products requiring the label to be applied to the front of a moving pack. The label is applied using a robust, pneumatically controlled arm applicator that uses integrated pack detection and applicator home/extended sensor functionality to ensure accurate label placement every time.

Tamp labelling applicator

Tamp application enables the ICE Vulcan to automatically print and apply labels onto boxes of varying heights. This is particularly common in the e-commerce sector where a range of packages need an address label printing accurately at speed. The Vulcan is able to seamlessly match the speed of the production line, including accounting for stop-start motion.

Industry Applications


The ICE Vulcan Print and Apply Labeller has print speeds that can reach over 120ppm with a label capacity of 17,000 labels, more than twice the capacity of other labelling systems. Perfect for labelling secondary packaging for beverage products.

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The ICE Vulcan Print and Apply Labeller at Vocation Brewery

We can provide e-commerce solutions that offer the flexibility and sustainability packagers have been asking for. The Vulcan integrated within these systems is able to directly apply address labels onto the packs at high speeds.

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The ICE Vulcan Print and Apply Labeller on a Flexo-500 ecomm bagger

Seamless integration

Whilst impressive on its own the ICE Vulcan delivers its full value as part of a wider solution. Using Clearmark’s engineering expertise and exhaustive design process we deliver bespoke secondary packaging labelling solutions that integrate seamlessly into your production line.

The CLARiNET software links together print technologies across your factory enabling a single centralised data source for designing, managing and distributing data. This allows operators to use consistent label templates across the site, streamlining processes, reducing operator error and protecting your brand integrity.

Whilst on the hardware side, the small footprint and flexibility of the ICE Vulcan means it can be seamlessly integrated into existing lines or we can build a conveyor bespoke to your requirements. This can include belt-driven, roller, angled roller and gravity-fed conveyor solutions that can be integrated or standalone. These are custom-engineered in order to promote a user-friendly, easy to maintain, holistic solution for your specific production.

Vulcan on a bagger 10 20 2 min

Range of printhead sizes

The ICE Vulcan has a range of printhead sizes to suit the needs of any application, with a 53mm, 107mm and 160mm (2″, 4” and 6”) model available. The 6” or 160mm model has recently been released to meet customer demand for a larger label print area for more detailed product information.

It comes with all the great features of the much-loved 53mm and 107mm model including Intelligent Motion™ technology, solid state ribbon drive and no need for compressed air in direct apply mode.

The Benefits

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. No creasing or label dropping

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Solid state printhead mechanism, electronically regulates force enhancing performance, print quality and printhead life

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Over 9,000 prints per reel with typical 75 x 100mm labels and under a minute consumable changeover

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. No missed packs, even with differing product spacing and product build back

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Capable of printing 150PPM for a rapid ROI

Matched labels & ribbon

Order labels and ribbons based on planned production to keep the ICE Vulcan running and running.

Design that accounts for all eventualities

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we use the following process for every project in order to truly understand your requirements and deliver the best solution for your business.

Our exhaustive design process ensures we deliver a thought-out and creative solution that can be seamlessly fitted and integrated into your production line.

Remote or in person demo

We can bring the ICE Vulcan to your premises and provide print samples to demonstrate the capabilities of the LPA ahead of any enquiry.

Full line survey

An experienced Sales Engineer conducts a full line survey before offering free impartial advice.

Bespoke Solution

If the ICE Vulcan will benefit your business a full solution is drawn up.

Functional design

The system is designed in full 360 CAD with functional design spec and drawings to make sure the system goes in right the first time every time.


Machine is installed, integrated and tested on your production line.


Operators are given training on how to get the most out of the ICE Vulcan.

Success Story

Flexible labelling system taps into Fourpure’s expansion thirst

Located on London’s famous Bermondsey Beer Mile, the Fourpure Brewing Company recently installed a flexible and moveable case coding system from Clearmark Solutions.

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