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Zebra Printers

Ideal For: off-line labelling | product scanning | Zero downtime systems | asset tracking | Package Labelling | order picking

As proud partners of Zebra and Printer Repair Specialists, Clearmark has access to Zebra’s extensive product range, specialising in industrial off-line printers and symbol scanners. Zebra’s industry-leading products complement the ICE product range perfectly, enabling zero-downtime systems and code assurance to eliminate downtime and costly mistakes, keeping your factory running efficiently. Clearmark combines Zebra’s global expertise and product innovation with our own unique system designs to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Why choose Zebra printers?

Rugged reliability, exceptional performance and unprecedented flexibility to suit the needs of the modern factory

Zebra is able to offer unrivalled products due to the company’s commitment to research and development - spending double that of their nearest competitors (as a percentage of sales) - and its user-centric approach to design.

Building upon decades of innovation, Zebra printers are able to offer more efficiency, more accuracy and more durability than rival products.

The printers, scanners and supplies are designed with front line users, workplaces, and workflows in mind, building in ease of use, reliability and ruggedness.

All Zebra printers can be seamlessly integrated with the CLARiSUITE™ operating system, used across the ICE product range, for a streamlined, intuitive experience for users on the factory floor.

Purpose-Driven Design

Zebra printers are designed with front-line users, workplaces, and workflows in mind, building in ease of use, reliability, and ruggedness.

Data-powered environments

Zebra enables customers to track products, records and data through the supply chain improving OEE and transparency.

Automation made easy

Zebra printers enables operators to streamline processes through connected and collaborative workflows.

Real-time guidance

Zebra printers links teams, assets and systems in real time to deliver best-action guidance for business-critical decisions.

Complete solutions

Clearmark and Zebra innovate customer-specific solutions that enable our customers to overcome their packaging challenges and gain a competitive advantage.

ZT400 Series

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Taking performance to a new level.

Keep critical operations moving with Zebra's intelligent ZT400 Series printers, designed to add flexibility to suit modern production. Featuring advanced technology at an affordable price - including a large colour touch display and versatile connectivity options - these printers take performance to a new level and are adaptable for customers' evolving needs.

ZT600 Series

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Next-generation printing for the modern factory.

Robustly designed to withstand harsh factory environments, Zebra's high-performance industrial printing systems stand the test of time - both physically and technologically. The ZT600 features next-generation operational visibility, control and adaptability to meet business needs today, tomorrow and for years to come.


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Protect your brand integrity.

Scanpoint has been specifically designed to help reduce operator error and provide peace of mind on the line. Scanpoint ensures that only pre-set packaging data can be scanned and sent to CLARiNET connected coders, for greater ease of use, reduced downtime and waste.

The Benefits

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Market leading offline printers, integrates with CLARiSUITE™, streamlining processes and user experience

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Exceptional performance from micro labels to high-volume shipping

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Eliminates downtime with 24/7 reliability

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Intuitive and easy to use

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. A compact and cost effective solution

Zebra Certified Supplies

Our partnership with Zebra enables us to provide our customers with next day delivery of Zebra certified supplies.

Find out more about how Zebra printers can benefit you

Enquire about any of the UK Zebra product range, or get in touch for further information and advice.

Enquire about Zebra's ZT400 Series and ZT600 Series printers today and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss the best option for you.

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Zebra Printer Repair Specialists

As Clearmark has been awarded full Zebra Printer Repairs Specialist status, we have access to additional Zebra products and services that other suppliers do not, allowing us to provide our customers with a complete service. Furthermore, our engineers are trained to Zebra’s high standards on hardware and software so we truly understand the machine and its capabilities enabling us to provide exceptional, creative solutions for our customers.

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