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Delivering innovation through collaboration, cutting-edge technology and creativity.

Whether working with global giants, a start-up company or a family run firm, we deliver more than simply a printer out of the box, we design and create innovative solutions to meet all of your coding challenges.

Bringing together industry-leading coding and labelling technologies with the expertise and commitment of the Clearmark team, no matter what the challenge may be, we help our customers stay one step ahead of the pack with unparalleled systems, service and support.


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The partnership approach that we take with all of our customer projects is what makes Clearmark unique in the coding and marking industry.

We don’t just sell you a standalone printer or labeller. We build relationships that award us a unique insight into your operations, helping us deliver innovation through collaboration.

Ultimately we design, manufacture and integrate systems that are unique to your business and help you meet your particular demands, whatever they may be.

Bespoke solutions

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We take the time to truly understand your company, the industry it operates in and the specific production challenges that you face.

The team prides itself on adding technical expertise to each and every project to ensure that the system can meet the challenges of your manufacturing environment. This enables the team to deliver a bespoke solution, perfectly designed to integrate seamlessly into your production line and elevate overall performance.


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Working with small family-run businesses to large multinational corporations, we deliver unique insight and value to our customers.

The Clearmark team has built up relationships with a host of industry leaders, combining our specialist knowledge to deliver well-rounded solutions to end-users. For example, by working with Yorkshire Packaging Systems, imio and Conveyor Networks, Clearmark helped create the first automated, sustainable bagging and labelling solution for the ecommerce industry. Utilising the unique strengths of each of the partners the team was able to develop the ‘PB 800 E-Com’ which sustainably bags and directly applies an address label at high speeds. Ultimately these partnerships, drawing on our decades of experience and joint commitment to engineering excellence, enable us to provide pioneering and bespoke integrations for all industries.


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We see challenges as opportunities… If what you need doesn’t exist, that’s not a problem that’s an opportunity.

For example, when a customer came to us as their Thermoformer couldn’t run at full speed due to the industry-wide limits of thermal transfer printer incorporated within these systems, we didn’t accept this restriction. Instead we designed and built an innovative system that enabled the parent machine to run at full speed, whilst perfectly printing codes, significantly increasing throughput and delivering a return on investment in just two weeks. Innovation, such as this solution, is at the core of everything we do at Clearmark and the team relish creating new and novel engineering solutions that meet your challenges and help your business prosper.

Clearmark FTS3400 System set to size
ICE FTS3400 Thermal Transfer Film Transport System

Enabling a thermoformer to operate at its designed speed without being limited by the thermal transfer printers.

Increasing throughput with Zodiac Hawks and Film Transport System
Clearmark Zero Downtime System set to size
Quad ICE Vulcan Zero Downtime Labelling System

A Zero Downtime Labelling System, capable of accurately applying labels to both sides of moving secondary packs.

Quad ICE Vulcan ZDT system

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