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ICE Zodiac HS

Ideal For: Flexible packaging

Trusted by the industry for nearly 20 years the ICE Zodiac HS remains consistently reliable and effective. Designed and developed in Nottinghamshire, the Zodiac HS features a solid state ribbon drive, 1,200 metre ribbon capacity and ribbon save modes which have become the gold standard of thermal transfer printing.

Dependable, longstanding thermal transfer printer

Using trusted technology and software, the thermal transfer printer delivers versatile, reliable and accurate coding for flexible packaging. From label overprinting to high-speed digital coding on vertical bagging machines, the Zodiac HS thermal transfer printer is able to deliver fast print speeds, minimising downtime and ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership.

How the Zodiac HS works?

The printer uses a fixed width thermal printhead to apply ink on to flexible packaging. This is achieved by contact between the printhead and a platen or roller. Situated between the printhead and the label is a very thin thermal transfer ribbon.

This is made of a polyester film which is coated on the label side with a wax, wax-resin or pure resin ink. The ribbon is spooled onto reels up 1,200m long and is driven through the printing mechanism in sync with the labels, at speeds of up 1,000mm per second.

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Zodiac HS support

The Zodiac HS model stopped being manufactured at the end of 2019 but will be supported for a minimum of five further years, to the end of the year 2024, with spare parts and services.

The next generation Zodiac Range includes all of the proven functionality and reliability of the legacy Zodiac HS range but has many new additional innovative features and benefits for users, which are proven within the packaging industry.

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Zodiac consumables

We offer a range of ribbons and spare parts, specifically designed to achieve peak performance from the Zodiac range.

The Benefits

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Success Story: Thermal Transfer | Fresh Produce | Sealed plastic bags

Huntapac Produce Reap Benefits from Faster Coders and TrueType Fonts

One of the leading supermarkets Huntapac supplies required it to print a new, impactful font on all its products. Because Huntapac’s existing Thermal Transfer Overprinters were incapable of this, it needed to replace them at short notice. ICE identified its Zodiac HS Thermal Transfer Overprinter as the ideal solution – and quickly installed 17 state-of-the-art machines onto vertical former baggers at the factory, taking just one week to process the sale, install, integration and train operators on site. These printers give Huntapac the coding flexibility required and have the reliability to run 24/7, 364 days a year delivering a fast return on investment.
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