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ICE Zodiac HS

Trusted by the industry for 20 years the ICE Zodiac HS remains consistently reliable and effective. Designed and developed in Nottinghamshire, the Zodiac HS features a solid state ribbon drive, 1,200 metre ribbon capacity and ribbon save modes which have become the gold standard of thermal transfer printing.

After producing and selling the original Zodiac HS in parallel with our new Zodiac Hawk since 2017, we have decided to phase out the production of our Zodiac HS. We will however continue to support these in the field until further notice.

Introducing the ICE Zodiac Hawk

Replacing the ICE Zodiac HS, the Hawk can seamlessly integrate onto your existing production line. In most cases, the Hawk can mount onto the same frames of your packaging machinery that the HS does and also uses the same software meaning original configurations can be easily transferred. Furthermore, The Hawk uses the same ribbon as the HS, so any existing ribbon stock that you have will not go to waste.

Features and benefits
  • The world’s first thermal transfer overprinter that checks its own print quality using iAssure technology
  • New airless design, removing the need for expensive compressed air
  • 1200m ribbon capacity, resulting in less downtime for ribbon replacement
  • Full OEE reporting, including OEE data extraction
  • Print speeds of up to 500 packs per minute

Trade In to Trade Up!

Wb tto trade up 265x335 v2 clr
Trade in printers to save up to £500 per printer*

For a limited time, trade in your current competitor coding printer or ICE Zodiac HS and upgrade to a brand new Clearmark Thermal Transfer Overprinter – and save up to £500 per machine. Get our most advanced, most reliable TTO printers at a great price.

Why choose Clearmark?

  • Global leader in coding and marking
  • Over 400,000 Printers installed worldwide
  • Unmatched service with 24/7 customer support
  • Reduce costs and downtime

*Offer excludes trading in Videojet, Linx and Clearmark equipment
**Promotion valid until 31st July 2024.

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iAssure™ for the Hawk

iAssure™ is a built-in code quality checker that requires no additional hardware, installation or training, reducing waste and rework. It provides early warning of any potential loss of code quality, reducing the risk of customer complaints or the possibility of a product recall, with its cost implications and potential damage to brand reputation.

Operators can easily measure production quality on the CLARiTY screen and can view the prints in real-time to assess print quality and drive improvements.

See more on the ICE Zodiac Hawk

Aftercare Services


The friendly Aftercare team are your port of call for all of your post Zodiac HS install enquiries, including consumables, training, repairs and spare parts.

The team prides itself on delivering a personalised service with a single point of contact for every customer.

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We have some resources available to help you maintain your ICE Zodiac HS TTO printer.

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Take a deeper look at the ICE Zodiac HS TTO printer

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Technical Specification

Download the Technical Specification sheet for the ICE Zodiac HS TTO printer

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Print Sample Guide

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