Case Coders for large prints with zero maintenance

Industry Uses: Bakery | Cereals | Logistics

ideal For: Corrugated cardboard | Outer cases | Trays | Wood

Case coders, also known as large character marking (LCM) printers, are an ideal solution for secondary packaging where you need to print a large amount of alphanumerical data or information to be visible from a distance. They are often used to communicate the size, weight, contents, best before dates and shipping information on cardboard cases to add transparency to operations, improving inventory and supply chain management.

Case coders print in real time ensuring the information is always up to date and avoiding storage space needs on product-specific pre-printed boxes. Ultimately case coders offer large high quality prints adding traceability and visibility to your products.

Why choose ICE Case Coders?

Consistent high quality printing with the lowest possible cost of ownership

The ICE Torus is an intuitive, high-definition inkjet case coder that integrates seamlessly into your production. It includes a patented self-cleaning printhead which removes the risk of nozzle blockages common in other case coders, and an innovative ink reclaim system which guarantees no ink wastage.

ICE Torus customers benefit from Clearmark’s exceptional Aftercare team, offering high quality inks that customers can test free of charge on their substrates through the in-house Print Lab. This ensures the ICE Torus delivers the highest quality printing at the lowest cost of ownership.

The ICE Torus
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How case coder (LCM) printers work?

Case coders are large character marking inkjet coders that use air in order to apply ink. They use non-pressurised cans of ink with a valve to allow access to the ink. Air is pushed into the can which settles at the back and forces ink to flow into a reservoir inside the coder.

When the coder is ready to print, air is used again to push ink from the reservoir through tubes connected to the printhead and out of the nozzles. Case coders only open the appropriate nozzles in order to apply ink in the correct pattern.

In the ICE Torus range, a patented ink reclaim system uses air to direct the ink into a gutter area, which leads it back into the coder and towards the reservoir so that it can be used again, eradicating ink wastage.

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Print Lab

Our in-house technical team offer a free of charge print sample substrate evaluation service.


CLARiSUITE™ Software

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Compatible With: ICE | Zebra | Videojet | existing printing technologies

CLARiSUITE™ is a suite of software products that work together for the purpose of designing, managing and distributing data to be printed by the ICE and Zebra range of coders and labellers, as well as for monitoring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It combines the networking capability of CLARiNET, linking 99 printers for a factory-wide real-time data source, with simple drag and drop CLARiSOFT label design software, presented on an operator-friendly CLARiTY touchscreen interface.
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The machines have delivered excellent print quality throughout, reducing the need for line stoppage and pack wastage.

Stephen Shields 

Technical Director


The coder touchscreen displays quickly alert our operators when there is an issue or a consumable changeover needs to take place, helping to reduce line stoppage as much as possible.

John Tate 

Asset Operations Manager

Whitby Seafoods 

ICE printers are reliable and print high quality code, combined with low maintenance, they have really helped to improve our overall production efficiency.

Philip Marr 


The ICE Co 

We have never had any issues with ICE coders, the team are always top of their game.

Adam Day 

Production Manager

Griffin & Brand (European) Ltd 

I would recommend Clearmark (ICE) to anyone, easy to use coders and very reliable. If you do have a problem, the service team are always on hand straight away to help.

Tom Fordyce 

Engineering Director

Layford Contract Packers Ltd 

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