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Fully automated e-commerce shipping label solutions

Meet time-critical delivery expectations with our fully-flexible, automated pack labelling solutions that expand and evolve with your growing e-commerce business.

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“No other label machinery supplier comes close to the speed and reliability of the ICE Vulcan for e-Commerce operations.” – Jonny Braithwaite, Yorkshire Packaging Systems

Fully automated address labelling

Unparalleled packaging flexibility and sustainability for the e-commerce sector

Clearmark and its partners can provide e-commerce solutions that offer the flexibility and sustainability packagers have been asking for. The ICE Vulcan integrated within these systems is able to directly apply address labels onto the packs at high speeds without ever missing a pack. Furthermore, the solution is able to communicate across both Zebra and SATO protocols to interface seamlessly to customers Order Managements Systems (OMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for a fully connected solution.

Print and Apply Labellers (LPA)

Labelling for e-commerce

E-commerce is fast becoming the channel of choice for businesses and consumers. In 2020, more than 5 billion parcels were moved from and within Great Britain, a rise of 33% on the previous year.

Any parcel entering the e-commerce supply chain, be that a box or a bag, requires an identification label which will contain unique barcode information. This is scanned at various points through the supply chain from dispatch to its final delivery destination. This carrier label or shipping label is unique to each customer and will also often include name and address information and returns address details. In the last few years, the use of 2D barcodes allows for more information to be embedded into the barcode than is possible with a 1D code.

This carrier label or shipping label is unique to each customer and will also often include name and address information and returns address details. In the last few years the use of 2D barcodes now allows far more information to be embedded into the barcode than is possible with a 1D code.

Each carrier such as; DPD, Royal Mail, UK Mail, Hermes, DHL, to name a few - has its own specific design of label. They do however tend to have a generic size of 4 x 6 inch, but the purpose of the label is the same in all cases and that is to ensure that the package gets to its intended destination.

Solutions by Clearmark

CN22 Dual Label Ecomm Solution

This system simultaneously applies both the carrier label and the CN22 label to moving packs. By using dual ICE Vulcan Print and Apply printers, the system is able to apply labels on the bottom and on the top of each pack.

The challenge was to be able to apply 2 labels on each pack where both would not be able to fit on a single face of the pack, whilst also ensuring throughput was uncompromised.

The solution is particularly useful for streamlining a UK based international E-Comm operation. Increasing throughput, improving accuracy, and reducing manual labour cost.

Vulcan e-commerce labeller

The ICE Vulcan LPA has the speed, reliability and flexibility to excel in the ecommerce industry, with a range of printhead sizes to suit the exact needs of your application, be that shipping labels, CN22 labels or dangerous goods hazard labels.

The Vulcan e-comm labeller is able to communicate seamlessly to Order Management Systems using a range of protocols including ZPL and SATO. With 80% less wear parts than traditional LPA systems, its flexibility and low cost of ownership is what sets it apart from its competition.


The all-in-one FFSM bagging machine with print and apply labelling capabilities combines the wrapping automation expertise of German machinery manufacturer Hugo Beck, with Clearmark’s outstanding British-designed labelling technology.

Designed to streamline e-commerce and mail order applications, the system delivers enhanced speed and efficiency, as well as total accuracy for high-speed, high-volume operations and is supplied exclusively in the UK by YPS.

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Our ICE Vulcan Print and Apply e-commerce labelling solutions bring peak performance and innovation at the lowest cost of ownership. The experienced Clearmark team takes a partnership approach that encompasses design, install and consumables fulfilment, tailoring our products and approach to your specific requirements - ultimately delivering a bespoke solution to meet your business’s packaging challenges.

The Clearmark team prides itself on delivering a personalised service with a single point of contact within the UK for every customer, next day delivery on spares and consumables and engineers available around the clock.

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