A day in the life of... Our Finance and HR placement student

17th August, 2016
A day in the life of… Tom Greenough

Finance and HR Placement Student

8:30 / 9AM

Arrive at work, have a hot chocolate and catch up with the rest of my team.

I look after the human resource inbox, so my first job of the day is to filter out strong job applications and respond to any recruitment and HR-related enquiries.

I’ll then take some time to match applications to our current job vacancies and pass on to the relevant manager. If we decide to take an applicant to interview, I’ll arrange the next steps.


Today we have a new employee. I’ll start off by giving them a brief induction to the company, letting them know how to book holidays, where the safety exits are, and making sure they are set up with an access card and the all-important coffee machine fob!

I’ve also created an employee handbook to help new members of staff settle in. This includes a map marked with local supermarkets and information about staff perks, such as pizza days, the ICE bake-off, Friday breakfast cobs, car washing services and the legendary ICE summer and winter fun days… to name but a few!


I’ll be conducting an interview with a department manager. As the company grows, it is important that we find people that are not only skilled but also friendly and fit in with our company culture. I like to throw in curveball questions to get the candidate to think fast on the spot.


Lunchtime! I take my lunch late as I’m most productive before I’ve eaten. This is a chance to relax in the American style diner and catch up with fellow colleagues.


We are currently renewing and updating contracts, this afternoon I have meetings with our Managing Director Chris and employees to run through contracts. This is also a good opportunity for each employee to ask any questions they may have about their contract directly.

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