Clearmark (ICE) and Videojet join forces to tap into BeerX 2023

9th February, 2023

After success at the show in 2022 and 2020, barcode labelling specialists, Clearmark, return to exhibit at this year’s BeerX show, 15th-16th March at Exhibition Centre Liverpool. With proven results in the brewery sector with The ICE Vulcan Print and Apply Labeller, Clearmark is exhibiting this robust and versatile secondary pack labeller on Stand 49. Following the recent joining of Videojet and Clearmark Solutions in the UK, a broader range of coding and labelling solutions are available for the industry. The Videojet continuous inkjet (CIJ) solution which prints variable data on to cans and bottles will also be available to see at the show.

ICE Vulcan Print and Apply labelling applying labels to boxes on a production line

Over the past year, most brewing businesses have been impacted by rising production costs meaning that cutting costs by automating the packaging line is now more important than ever. Breweries can benefit from increased production speed, reliability and freeing up operators to perform more value added tasks, also helping to combat the issue of labour shortages. John Lewis, Training Manager at HP Bulmer echoes the benefits of Videojet’s CIJ printers in efforts to automate their canning line, “The machines are so reliable, we don’t need to enter anything. Best-before dates are created for the end of the month, limiting how often operators need to change messages.”

CIJ print on the bottom of an aluminium can

The team will be on hand to chat to visitors about success in the industry with their application at Staffordshire Brewery; Not only brewing their own line of beers, Staffordshire Brewery also have a contract bottling facility meaning the need to quickly change between labels without creating waste was a must. By installing the ICE Vulcan, Staffordshire Brewery can now print on demand, quickly and easily labelling packs customised to each client in accordance with GS1 regulations. “Since automating our barcode labelling process with Clearmark’s ICE Vulcan Print & Apply Labeller the system has been faultless. In hindsight it has proven to be one of the best pieces of automation equipment that we have ever invested in and produces a label on every case without fail”Adrian Corke, Managing Director at Staffordshire Brewery

Be sure to stop by Stand 49. For all pre-event enquiries, give the team a call on 01159 640144 or email Clearmark is a member of both the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and the British Bottlers' Institute (BBI).