Beverage Packaging Trends for 2019

10th January, 2019

We take a look at the beverage trends set to dominate the packaging industry in 2019.

At the forefront of many brands, strategies as the world becomes more focused on reducing waste plastic, protecting the planet and recycling; sustainable packaging will no doubt be at the top of the list of packaging trends across all sectors in 2019, not just beverages. Read our blog on innovative packaging that is helping build a plastic-free future.

Beer brands Carlsberg and Corona are already leading the pack by introducing more environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional plastic six-pack rings. Corona has recently claimed to become the World’s first beer brand to trial the 100% plastic-free six-pack rings by using a plant-based alternative. Since September 2018, Carlsberg has been trialling their ‘snap pack’ ring alternatives, which stick the cans together using a recyclable glue substance.

It’s not just beer, either. The new brand ‘Just’ water lead by actor Jayden Smith recently launched in the UK. Using plant and paper-based packaging from sustainable sources to help curb the water bottle problem.

Pouches and pods will also be making waves in the beverage sector, not only planet-saving but also offer space, time and money-saving options for many companies too. Pods such as the Ooho water pods are already taking the market by storm at big public gatherings such as festivals and marathons, whilst many drinks providers are taking the lead from pet food and groceries.

For 2019, brands will be battling it out across all sectors to stand out from the crowd. Beverage packaging will no longer just be about style, but the texture will become important to give brands the edge- particularly start-ups and those brands seeking out the health, environment and fashion-conscious consumer. Expect wine and gift-focused beverage packaging to start opting for more layers to catch the eye of consumers.

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