Clean Labelling and Transparency: Strengthening Your Drinks Brand in a More Conscious Consumer Environment.

7th February, 2019

The Clean Labelling movement is here: millennials and Generation Z are at the forefront of consumer purchasing and brands need to change to suit their demands. From the marketing channels right down to the packaging and labelling: the more conscious consumer is here to call out food and drink manufacturers for their unnatural ingredients, non-eco-friendly packaging and unclear marketing techniques.

How can manufacturers, particularly in the beverage industry, meet the needs of the new consumer? Packaging and labelling is the key place to start. Health trends are now, more than ever, shaping the public's eating and drinking habits throughout the year (think Veganuary, Dry January, Sugar-Free Feb, Fibre Feb etc) so ensuring your product labels tick the boxes can keep you ahead of the competition. This has led to new opportunities such as non-alcoholic beverages for drinks manufacturers.

Trust is the key criteria when it comes to assessing food, ensuring you highlight your recognisable ingredients, sugar content and allergens will help strengthen your brand loyalty and reputation in a media-driven age. Consumers have a good idea of what constitutes a natural product, and what that product should look and taste like. Long gone are the days where unnatural coloured energy drinks were all the rage.

Further down the factory line, the ICE Vulcan LPA solution handles secondary labelling. Whether it’s various sizes boxes or shrink wrap for storage and shipping; Clearmark can help create a bespoke secondary labelling system which can print and apply without slowing down the production line or missing packs, saving money on reducing waste and machinery downtime.

To learn more about how Clearmark can help you find the perfect secondary packaging solution, download our secondary packaging guide online today, or contact one of our coding and marking experts on either or 01159 640144.

Understanding secondary packaging within the beverage industry and future trends
Bottling factory uk secondary packaging trends

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