Clearmark ‘Coding the Future’ at PPMA Show 2018

15th August, 2018

Award-winning Clearmark Solutions, (Interactive Coding Equipment - ICE), specialists in coding and labelling solutions in the UK, will be at the PPMA showcasing its growing range of equipment and solutions suitable for a wide range of end markets such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, industrial and electronics.

Clearmark will focus on the benefits its solutions have delivered to customers for almost two decades, helping them to boost uptime, improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in the factory and to reduce the risk, cost and waste associated with poor quality coding and labelling.

The spotlight will be on Clearmark’s proven ICE Zodiac Hawk thermal transfer printer, Scorpion and Viper thermal inkjet printers, and its automated Vulcan print and apply labeller, as well as the company’s recent double award nomination from the PPMA for ‘Outstanding Customer Service’ and ‘Exceptional Sales Performance’.

The ICE Zodiac thermal transfer printer is the first coder of its kind that can report on all three elements of OEE, with quality now included alongside performance and availability. The coder also has the ability to provide an early warning of any potential loss of code quality to help minimise production disruption and downtime, as well as reduce the risk of customer complaints or the possibility of a product recall.

The ICE Vulcan is the first of its type to print and directly apply the label to a pack – both traded unit boxes and shrinkwrap packs – in one continuous motion without the need for a tamp applicator or compressed air. This means the machine can print at the speed of the line, even when packs are very closely spaced, without ever missing a pack.

The inkjet range, suitable coding on a wide range of substrates includes the ICE Scorpion thermal inkjet printer which features a unique printhead design that incorporates a novel Cartridge Protection System. This innovation reduces the uncapped time of the cartridge, allowing the use of inks suitable for non- porous substrates without loss of reliability or print quality.

Another thermal inkjet solution the ICE Viper can print up to four lines of text at 600dpi resolution as well as barcodes, 2D data matrix codes and logos. It offers easy setup and maintenance-free operation thanks to its simple-to-replace inkjet cartridge system.

Clearmark Receive a Further Two Business Award Nominations from the PPMA in Year of Exceptional Growth
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