Covid-19 Statement

10th March, 2021

As we conclude the first few weeks of 2021 it is clear that many of the challenges we faced in 2020 will remain with us for much of this year.

Over 75% of our employees are currently working from home, our IT systems proved to be very robust during 2020 but we have implemented some improvements to ensure efficiency, security and quality of service remain high. Those employees who do attend the premises are the ones who are essential to continued supply of goods and services.

We have implemented a variety of protocols to protect the health of these employees, including regular rapid testing for COVID.

Our technical support team is divided between office and home working, this does have an effect on our ability to provide application support, print samples and application testing. These are achieved via our print sample laboratory and so there are some minor extensions to these functions but we can still respond to most requests within a few days.

The issue of Brexit is one which still has an element of uncertainty, whilst we have seen some minor interruptions to our supply chain, most items have alternative sourcing options and so disruption to our customer facing operations has to date been minimal.

Our sales and service teams remain at full strength, and in good health, ready to respond to your requirements. We will of course take advantage of the vaccination programme when our turn comes.

The summary of the message is that we are currently operating at normal levels of supply and service and hope this will continue. I know that many of you have your own commercial and logistical challenges to face, we will continue to support you through these difficulties as well as we possibly can.

Please pass on our thanks to your own teams, we have received many positive messages of thanks and support, these genuinely make a difference to our teams who have their own personal and working challenges to contend with.

I sincerely hope that we will see some improvements in the COVID situation and can return to the business challenges we are all used to, the events of the last 12 months have reminded us that we have many good friends in the industries we operate in, we look forward to continuing these friendships in the future, hopefully in a more productive and enjoyable business environment.

Supply of Consumables

All consumables are currently available; please contact our Aftercare team to discuss your requirements.

Field Service

Our technical support team remains available to support all technical inquiries, should a field service visit be required we will prioritise critical food and pharmaceutical needs, our field service team remains close to capacity and available to keep production lines running.

Spare Systems

Spare printer systems are available for most machine types, please contact your local sales engineer for details. Systems can be provided ready configured for use, with parameters and label designs installed to allow immediate use.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supply partners for their continued support during this difficult time.