5th April, 2016
5th April 2016

The free barcode technology guide is now available to download HERE

Free barcode technology guide: Coding and marking specialists Clearmark Solutions (ICE) has launched its first in a series of free interactive technical guides, to allow companies to get the most out of printing and coding solutions.

Aimed at production line staff and engineers, the Clearmark Barcode Guide describes the different types of codes available together with an explanation of coding terminology and provides a brief overview of the barcodes and their uses, including a graphical explanation of how each barcode is structured.

Produced by the technical experts at Clearmark, the guide also contains valuable information about the industry benefits of using each barcode, including statistical data and a brief history of their implementation.

In addition, the free barcode technology guide features sections on primary and secondary packaging and simple explanatory descriptions of the barcode types that are used for both types of pack. There is also a section on symbology, which explains the relationship between data and the barcode and how product information is encoded.

Chris Simpson, Managing Technical Director at ICE, comments: “Our Barcode Guide is designed to provide a quick-to-use reference document that will help companies maximise the many benefits of barcode technology."
“It is easy sometimes to be confused by the technical jargon surrounding the codes so our guide aims to provide clear and simple explanations of the codes and the types of packaging they are most suitable for to help users make informed decisions about the best solution for their requirements.”

A second free guide on Secondary Packaging will be published shortly. For all its latest developments, the company can be followed on Twitter @ClearmarkCoding