Find and scan the 6 QR codes hidden around the site and solve the anagram to be in with a chance of winning an iPhone 12! Find out more...

Explore our new website, you could win an iPhone 12!

1st October, 2020

6 QR codes have escaped and are running loose across the desktop version of our new website! Find them, scan them in your phone camera app, each scan will reveal a letter, work out the 6 letter anagram and then submit it on any of the QR code landing pages to be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new iPhone 12 after launch!

How to play

Find the hidden QR codes

Find all 6 QR codes hidden within images on the desktop version of our website:

Scan the QR codes

Scan the codes with your smartphone on the camera app, this will launch a page in your phone browser, revealing a letter - make a note of the letter as you'll need all of the letters to solve the anagram.

Solve the anagram

Once you've got all six letters, put them in order to create a word.

Submit your answer!

Once you've solved the anagram, submit it on any of the competition letter reveal page forms, to be in with a chance of winning an iPhone 12 after launch!

Terms and conditions apply - prize draw, 1 prize available.

The new supercharged website is bursting with technical coding guides, ICE and Zebra product demonstration videos and a back catalogue of bespoke system innovations we've crafted for customers, to ensure that you always have the right coding solution to boost uptime and OEE in your factory.

So what's new?

Insightful content hub

Bursting with industry specific technical coding guides to help you boost factory performance, educational videos, news and FAQs.

Helpful product videos

Product demonstrations delivered by an ICE expert, as well as animations, how to's and technology insights, helping you to get the most out of your coders.

Innovation and consultancy

We make it our job to understand your company, the industry you operate in and to solve the specific production challenges that you face. If what you need doesn’t exist, let us help you build it!

Virtual demonstration room

Explore our demo room at your leisure and see first-hand how ICE and Zebra coders and labellers bring innovation at the lowest possible cost of ownership.