The Power of One Platform: How a Common Factory Operating System can Reduce Downtime and Save You Money

23rd February, 2017
Integrated Coding Solutions for Manufacturers:
How a ‘common operating system’ can reduce downtime and save you money

With the rise of multi-product lines and the growth of stringent industry regulation, it is now more important than ever for factory line managers to take advantage of common operating systems’, which we have come to depend on with our laptops, tablets, Macs and PCs, in order to cut down on human error and boost efficiency.

Simple interface across all coders

A simple universal graphical user interface (GUI), such as the one used by all ICE coders and labellers, provides operators with familiarity and can help to reduce the learning curve associated with training new staff to operate line equipment.

This is important as a simple and easy-to-use system, that is used dependably across all coders and labellers within a factory can help to dramatically reduce costly operator input errors.

A synchronised window into the heart of your factory operation

Similarly to popular mobile platforms, the CLARiNET printer networking solution provided by ICE ensures that all coding equipment on your production line stays in sync.

The software has the ability to ‘talk’ to all ICE coders on your line, regardless of the technology used to print, mark or label. This ensures that operators have complete visibility of jobs, can easily monitor multiple lines and most importantly, respond to any potential issues quickly and efficiently.

Jobs can be pushed to devices from a central computer

Just how ‘cloud’ networking services have the ability to manage your content and push information across all of your tech devices, software provided with ICE printers allows for product coding job information to be pushed from a central device to a series of networked coders and labellers.

This can reduce human error as it creates an opportunity to eliminate the requirement for manual job entry and provides a way for production line managers to become highly flexible, in order to quickly and efficiently adapt lines for an ever-changing range of product runs.

Interested in future-proofing your line with a fully integrated digital coding solution that takes advantage of a common operating system? Why not take a look at our full range of printers and software labelling suite.

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