Investing in your Production Line: Why choose ICE Products?

13th February, 2020

When it comes to investing in production line equipment, priorities are driven by varying factors such as legislation change, code quality requirements, demanding printing environments, machinery reliability or price.

Whether you’re a recent start-up kitting out your first factory, or require new kit to increase production, introduce new lines or automate your factory, here at Clearmark- we have a coding and labelling solution for you.

We offer a range of ICE products for both primary and secondary packaging which have a proven low cost of ownership. Designed to help reduce waste and downtime across the factory without compromising on quality or speed.

What about initial costs?

The initial cost of an ICE coding and labelling solution is not just for a printer in a box, you are investing in a solution that will benefit your business and we will help you every step of the way.

Not only do our products feature the best technology on the market, but we have a dedicated team of sales engineers, project managers, designers and after sales specialists to ensure your return on investment reaches its full potential.

From the initial meeting, right through to after sales, we offer a fully supported project management process, with a dedicated point of contact for any queries or issues.

If you have a technical challenge and want to speak to a technical specialist; we offer extensive print sampling to guarantee print quality in your factory environment, as well as bespoke system integration and design to ensure that our product integrates into your line seamlessly.

What about running costs?

Our range of ICE products have been designed to use consumables more efficiently, saving time and money for customers. 80% of wear parts have been removed from the ICE Vulcan print and apply labeller to reduce ongoing maintenance requirements, they feature consistent ribbon tension and simple ribbon weaving for easy changeover.

The ICE Zodiac product range features an industry leading simple cassette with capacity for 1200mm ribbon, team this with the unique ribbon save mode leaving less than 0.5mm between prints and not only do you increase output but downtime and waste is reduced as a result.

What about maintenance costs?

Our ICE products are designed to reduce maintenance costs. The ICE Zodiac and Vulcan machines feature a solid state ribbon drive: a simple design that requires minimal maintenance, as well as omitting wear parts such as brakes and clutches.

We offer in-house training, either at your premises or at our dedicated training facility, for printer maintenance and cleaning, so your team are equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain the equipment after installation.

We also offer a preventative maintenance service contract, which includes two visits from a dedicated service engineer to give you peace of mind and ensure the ongoing reliability of your coding and labelling equipment.

What about error costs?

All our ICE coding equipment comes with an easy to use operator interface, helping avoid human error on the factory line. Our CLARiSUITE software operates in multiple languages, features user configurable drop down lists, has flexible date/time formats with automatic best before date calculation: all with three tiers of password protection to ensure only the authorised staff members are able to make changes when required.

It isn’t just human error we aim to combat, coding errors can cause unnecessary downtime, stopping lines completely and cost time and money. The Zodiac Hawk Thermal Transfer Printer features iAssure; a built-in print checking system which conducts print quality checks in real time. Should the iAssure system detect any coding errors, operators are alerted quickly and can stop production, avoiding wasted products.

If you’re ready to discuss your coding and labelling needs, contact one of our experts today on or 01159 640144.

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