Packaging Trends for 2020

13th January, 2020

Another year done, and what a year it’s been for the packaging industry. Design, structure and materials have progressed and showed innovation from companies across the globe. So what’s next?

Here at Clearmark we take a look at what to expect from the packaging industry in 2020.


The main subject across industries worldwide will no doubt be sustainable packaging, presenting a challenge for many industries, particularly getting the right balance between sustainable and usable.

With many aiming for 100% recyclable packaging in the next decade, manufacturers and designers are keen to innovate to meet both consumer and planetary demands.

For many food and drink packaging manufacturers, the next step for sustainability comes in the form of edible primary packaging options. We’ve already seen the likes of Ooho create an edible package made out of seaweed which has changed the game. At the moment smaller companies seem to have an edge with this, possibly because larger companies must factor in the sheer volume and safe distribution of product.


Smart packaging and smart labelling are still in their infancy, but with the development of code-based networking solutions to help tackle counterfeit products and reduce waste using data embedded barcodes in the food industry, brands will be looking to how these innovations can expand their marketing options and help consumers.

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