Building supplier trust: Print and apply labelling for food manufacturers

25th July, 2016

Quality regulation runs right through the very heart of the lucrative global food industry. With the UK grocery market said to be worth a staggering £175 billion, it is vital that food manufacturers have the correct technology in place to meet the stringent quality standards set by the government and supermarkets. This helps those in the food industry to build supplier trust, avoid the sting of hefty quality fines, or even blacklisting.

To find out more about our print and apply labelling solutions, visit the ICE Vulcan product page.

The benefits of print and apply labelling for food manufacturers

Print and Apply technology is a perfect match for the growing demands of food production lines. Print and Apply labellers, such as the ICE Vulcan allow you to print at speeds that match line output and are significantly more efficient, with 80% fewer wear parts compared to traditional applicators.

  • Print on demand — Unlike pre-printed boxes, which need inventory management, on-line print and apply technology gives operators the flexibility to produce what is needed, when it is needed.
  • Labels have a large enough minimum surface area to combine the requirements of variable data and article information on one label.
  • Less human resource is required to manage the process, significantly reducing the risk of human error.
  • On-line process allows unique data to be applied to the package. For example, for track and trace purposes or to apply unique product data.
  • Most importantly, printers such as the ICE Vulcan are able to print high-grade ANSI A rating. This is compliant with supermarket requirements and dramatically reduces the risk of costly supermarket quality fails.

Advanced label design software

Intelligent label printing design software is crucial when it comes to meeting and responding to ever-changing food quality regulations.

Here’s how label design software such as CLARiSOFT can help you:

  • Makes compliance simple, by giving the user a high level of control.
  • Rich formatting tools gives users the option to embolden, underline and italicise key information such as allergy data (legally required since 2014) through an easy to use graphical interface.
  • Full traceability, all the way from factory to consumer.
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about our Print and Apply labelling solutions, visit the ICE Vulcan product page. To learn more about our suite of label printing software, visit the CLARiSUITE software page or call us on 01159 640144.