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Lost Berries = Lost Pennies

Don’t let your production perish under productivity strains

Picture the scene... this year's berry wield is extensive, packs are flowing down the production line, it's going to be a very successful season.

But then, unplanned downtime strikes!

Production is halted, berries start to perish, your dreams of a profitable season are shattered.

Trade in your current ICE Zodiac HS for up to £1,000 off­ the next generation ICE Zodiac Hawk!

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The ICE Zodiac Hawk provides you with production peace of mind in one easy-to-integrate printer unit. Increased print speed and enhanced quality prints, airless design and built-in print checking as standard.

The Hawk fits directly into most existing mounting solutions and will utilise most, if not all, of the related ancillary items. Existing Clarisoft label design print images can be used, as can your current stock of ICE ribbons.

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Success Story

Huntpac Veggrowers 20190424103519897
Huntapac Produce reap benefits from faster coders and TrueType fonts

One of the leading supermarkets Huntapac supplies required it to print a new, impactful font on all its products. Because Huntapac’s existing Thermal Transfer Overprinters were incapable of this, it needed to replace them at short notice.

ICE identified its Zodiac HS Thermal Transfer Overprinter as the ideal solution – and quickly installed 17 state-of-the-art machines onto vertical former baggers at the factory, taking just one week to process the sale, install, integration and train operators on site.

These printers give Huntapac the coding flexibility required and have the reliability to run 24/7, 364 days a year delivering a fast return on investment.

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