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ICE Vulcan Plus Print and Apply Labeller

Ideal For: Shrink wrap | Cardboard | boxes | Cases | Film | Wood

An expert labelling solution

Experience the evolution of the industry's proven Direct Apply labelling system.

Precision meets intelligence

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Designed for the modern pace of high-speed labelling with industry-proven technology, the ICE Vulcan Plus print and apply labeller delivers consistent reliability and effortless operation.

Direct Print and Apply Labeller
  • Simultaneously print and apply a label onto a passing pack at the speed of the conveyor, without the need for a tamp applicator.
  • Eliminate label jams for common top or side labelling applications
  • Up to 150 packs per minute (label size dependent) without the use of a tamp applicator
  • Maintain throughput, even when the packs are accumulated
  • No compressed air needed, eliminating both the installation cost and the ongoing running costs

What is unique about the ICE Vulcan Plus Design?

  • Simplify Communication and integration with embedded Wi-Fi
  • Precise and automatic control of entire system with Intelligent Motion™, with no slipping clutch, nip rollers or manual adjustments
  • Simple web path enables label and ribbon change in less than 60 seconds
  • Reduce set-up time and errors while maximising availability from a proven print engine and label tension control system
  • Industry-leading near edge printhead technology allows for high-speed print and apply labelling
  • Seamless connectivity with warehouse management systems and advanced emulation capabilities
  • Save time with collapsible mandrel for quick label changeover
  • Our user interface delivers delivers a single point of set -up and control for the whole machine

A consistent labelling solution

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Traditional print and apply labellers often fail to meet the performance demands of today's packaging operation. To achieve a breakthrough design, you first need to understand where things might go wrong. Patented Intelligent Motion™ technology delivers automatic control of the system and eliminates the added parts and adjustments that can make other labelling machines fail.

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The ICE Vulcan Plus print and apply labeller reduces the 5 most common reasons for downtime*

1. Label jams

2. Web jams

3. Ribbon breaks

4. Mechanical adjustments

5. Mechanical failures

*Compared to tamp applications

How does Intelligent Motion™ technology eliminate common pain points?
  • A direct drive controls label speed and position without clutches, rollers or adjustments
  • Electronic supply reel automatically adjusts and maintains tension irrespective of speed and label size from start to end of reel
  • Printhead pressure is automatically regulated to help ensure optimum print quality and printhead life
  • Precise ribbon control enables a clutch-less ribbon drive and ribbon save mode

An adaptable labelling solution

With ambitious production goals, with seamless connectivity and compatibility

Key benefits:

  • Modular design allows for use of applicators if needed
  • Simple and fast integration with OEM packaging systems
  • Reduce operator set up errors and job selection with leader/follower functionality
  • Switch to the ICE Vulcan Plus print and apply labeller without having to re-build previous job files and get up and running fast
  • Dual printer synchronisation feature allows for zero downtime
Fluent in your factory's communication language

Label design

Compatible with any label design software including CLARiSOFT®, BarTender®, NiceLabel® TEKLYNX®, Loftware and others.


Replicate the behaviour of other systems including Zebra® (ZPL), SATOTM (SBPL) and CoLOSTM (DCP and CIMCOMMS).


Designed for seamless integration into production and control networks using EtherNet/IPTM and ProfiNet® protocols.

An easy-to-use labelling solution

User interface
Simple, efficient user interface, reducing risk of operator error

Key benefits:

  • Only one simple 8-inch user interface for easy control
  • Onboard support videos guide the operator through routine maintenance tasks
  • Reduce operator intervention with rapid job selection using bar code scanner
  • Flexibility to position screens remotely
  • Ability to access the interface on a connected network, including via mobile devices
  • Eliminate data entry errors and reduce operators touches, helping to ensure products are coded correctly

Application types

Direct apply labelling

Direct apply is a unique on-demand labelling method that allows accurate label placement without the need for an applicator, ensuring it uses no expensive compressed air. This method enables the Vulcan Plus to reach speeds of up to 150 PPM without ever missing a pack and is ideal for a wide range of applications and industries.

Corner wrap labelling

Perfect for companies that require a single label to be applied across adjacent panels of a case or shrink-wrapped product, allowing the label to be seen from two directions. The label is applied to the trailing corner of a target product using the Direct Apply printing method, unique to the Vulcan Plus print and apply labeller.

Front of pack labelling

Ideally suited for cases or shrink-wrapped products requiring the label to be applied to the front of a moving pack. The label is applied using a robust, pneumatically controlled arm applicator that uses integrated pack detection and applicator home/extended sensor functionality to ensure accurate label placement every time.

Tamp labelling applicator

Tamp application enables the ICE Vulcan Plus to automatically print and apply labels onto boxes of varying heights. This is particularly common in the e-commerce sector where a range of packages need an address label printing accurately at speed. The Vulcan Plus is able to seamlessly match the speed of the production line, including accounting for stop-start motion.

Industry Applications


The ICE Vulcan Plus Print and Apply Labeller has print speeds that can reach over 120ppm with a label capacity of 17,000 labels, more than twice the capacity of other labelling systems. Perfect for labelling secondary packaging for beverage.

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The ICE Vulcan Print and Apply Labeller at Vocation Brewery

We can provide e-commerce solutions that offer the flexibility and sustainability packagers have been asking for. The Vulcan Plus integrated within these systems is able to directly apply address labels onto the packs at high speeds.

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The ICE Vulcan Print and Apply Labeller on a Flexo-500 ecomm bagger
The Benefits

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Experience effortless operation with a single 8-inch user-friendly interface

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Streamline maintenance with integrated instructional support videos

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Enhance efficiency with quick job selection through barcode scanning technology

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Enjoy versatile screen placement with flexible remote positioning options

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Access control from anywhere on the network, including through mobile connectivity

Icon / Close Created with Sketch. Minimise manual data entry mistakes and operator interaction for accurate product coding

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