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8th December, 2015

Alice Russell


Student Placement

Applying for the graduate internship

I applied for the role of Marketing Assistant via InPlace. The role appealed to me as I am currently undertaking a business and marketing degree and the job description included many elements that I was interested in.
The first step of the process was to send my CV and a cover letter to the Marketing Manager, both of which were enhanced through the employability team at Nottingham Trent University.
The first interview that I was asked to attend was a chance for the marketing team at ICE and I to meet and discuss the role. The interview included questions based upon my CV and why I was interested in the job role.
Having passed the first interview stage, I was then told to prepare a presentation for my next interview. The presentation was a proposed marketing campaign for an ICE product. This was a chance for me to show that I was interested in the company and understood how to engage in B2B marketing.

Settling into placement

My first two weeks included an induction period alongside the current placement student. This gave me a large amount of one-on-one time which enabled me to learn my role and the different procedures I would need to be performing. My induction also involved dedicated time with other departments in the company. I found this really useful as the manufacturing industry was something that I had no previous experience in and learning about how the company fits together as a whole put the tasks I would be undertaking into perspective.
I was originally nervous that my lack of understanding about the industry would prevent a comfortable adjustment into working life however I found that everyone at ICE was welcoming and willing to help which made settling in a lot easier.

The experience

My first few months were very busy as ICE attended an exhibition (The PPMA Show) at the end of September 2015. While this was daunting at the start as I was still getting to grips with my everyday responsibilities, it was a great way for me to learn. The exhibition was a great experience overall, it was a good opportunity to see other businesses in the industry and help showcase our products to them.
I’ve also been involved in a range of marketing activities such as a brand new website launch, market research, digital marketing and fundraising. Being in a small team has allowed me to get involved every aspect of marketing at ICE. This has developed my skills in B2B marketing, which was something I had no previous experience in.

Advice to students looking for a placement

Don’t limit yourself – whether it’s the size of the company, the location of it or the sector it operates in. It’s second nature to look towards big companies that you have heard of as you have more understanding of the company background. However, growing companies also offer you a great opportunity to learn and develop your skills. Being in a small team, I am able to gain an insight to a large range of marketing aspects, this may not have been the case if I was in a more specific job role in a large company.

Background research – No matter the role, it is critical that you do background research on the company. Areas of the business are essential to know, such as who are their customers, what products/services they are offering and how your job role fits into the business. This allows you to fully engage with your interviewer and show you have an understanding of what the company does. Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand an area of the business, this is something you could ask about in your interview or if you are selected for the position.

Expectations – This is a great chance for you to be able to learn and develop your skills. No employers will expect you to have all the knowledge and experience required for a job role, so don’t let that put you off applying.

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