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Do you sell ribbon?

Yes, we stock an extensive portfolio of different ribbon grades, colours, width and lengths to meet your application requirements.

If you would like to order ribbon or have any questions, please contact our Aftercare team by email at or call on 01159 640 144.

Please provide as much information as you can so that we can offer you the best solutions. Useful information includes:

– Is this for a new installation?
– What coder do you have? E.g., is it Zodiac 53 mm/107mm or a Vulcan 76mm/107mm?
– What are you printing on to?
– What colour/width, length ribbon do you need?
– Are there any environmental factors? E.g., oil, water, heat, water, freezing, grease etc.
– Existing installations only: What is the serial number of your coder?

How may I place an order?

Please send your order request to us via email to

You may also call us on 01159 640 144.

However you choose to place your order, please ensure that you confirm the following details:

– Company name and address including your postcode
– Delivery address (if applicable)
– Your contact details such as phone number, mobile number and email address
– Details of the item(s) you would like to order

Our Aftercare team also provide support for consumables such as print heads, ribbons and inks, service and maintenance, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and extended warranty policies.

What’s the difference between a genuine ICE printhead and a third party printhead?

Genuine ICE printheads are marked with a label to quickly identify that they are genuine ICE parts. There are a number of third-party suppliers offering modified parts, claiming that they are genuine when they are not. The fake items are modified by drilling additional holes into the heatsink of the device. This creates a substantial risk of damaging the electronic components within the device. Modified parts also reduce print quality, printhead life and invalidate the warranty on your ICE coder.


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